Patch Backings and Borders

Patch Backings

All of our stock size printed patches are made of a 100% polyester twill with a non-woven backing and a laser cut satin stitched border. In this form these patches can be stitched onto many different items.

Iron-on heat seal is a special heat seal that allows the patch to be quickly and easily bonded to most surfaces including items like t-shirts, work shirts, hoodies, hats, suitcases, backpacks, bags and most other types of promotional clothing.

Peel & Stick is a high tack temporary, removable and repositionable sticky backing that can be used to apply our patches temporarily to clothing, caps, bags, furniture or most other surfaces. Generally, our Peel & Stick backing has good long-term adhesion without leaving sticky residue. It cannot be washed and is a great option for branding short term events like conferences, sporting events or venue furniture such as the back of chairs. Note: As there are many different types of materials it is advised to check to make sure that this product will not leave residue on the surface you plan to apply it to or damage the surface on removal. Testing is advised before mass application. We are not responsible for any damage that this product may cause upon application or removal.

Velcro is mainly used for uniform patches, vests and removable patches. The maximum size Velcro we can apply is 125mm x 457mm (4.92” x 18”). When suppling Velcro backed patches, by default we supply the Velcro hooks on the back of the patch with the matching Velcro loop for you to sew onto your uniform. Extra pieces of Velcro Loop are available for spare items you wish to attach these patches too. Additional charge applies.

Patch Borders

When it comes to borders for printed patches there are three choices.

  • 1. Satin Stitch Border
  • 2. Merrowed Border
  • 3. Borderless

Our standard border for all of our stock size patches is the satin stitch border. This is generally a 2.5 - 3mm wide polyester stitched border where the needle moves in a tight side to side motion.

Any custom shaped or size patched will generally have a merrowed border applied if achievable. If the edge of a custom shaped printed patch is too details then generally a satin stitched border will be applied. In this case a minimum order of 25pcs will apply and will take longer to process.