Full Colour Printed Patches

Zen Promotional are a global manufacturer of high quality, custom made dye-sublimation printed patches. All our full colour patches are 100% Australian made and exported worldwide to more than 150 countries.

With free artwork setup, fast production times, competitive prices, subsidised shipping rates and years of R&D, we believe we have some of the highest quality, affordable full colour printed patches available anywhere in the world. Our colour calibrated printers, imported US sublimation papers and strict quality control processes allow us to manufacture a consistent quality of printed patches with high colour accuracy, colour fastness and quality.

Average manufacturing times for orders are 3 - 14 working days. Average delivery times for Australian orders are 1 – 3 days. Average delivery times for global orders are 4 - 10 days including weekends. All our orders are sent via standard or express airmail with tracking. All international orders $200.00 - $500.00 AUD and shipped outside of Australia will have all international shipping charges subsidised by 50% and orders of above $500.00 AUD and above will be shipped freight free worldwide.

Patch Materials and Durability

Zen Promotional’ s printed patches are incredibly tough and durable. We use 100% polyester twill with Epson sublimation inks to produce an end product that will stand up to the harshest outdoor environments and very high temperature commercial washing conditions. They are wear and abrasion resistant and will not easily fade or lose their colour. We have been manufacturing our logo and name patches for commercial laundries for many years, with consistent proven long-term results. Our patches will even stand up to conditions like MMA grappling when used as back patches on Gi’s.

Our Replacement Guarantee

We offer a 100% replacement guarantee for all of our custom printed cloth patches. If your patches are faulty, or there is a mistake in the printed artwork or if your patches are not exactly what you ordered then we will happily replace your order for free.

Are printed patches right for my application?

This will mainly depend on your design and intended final application. If you have complex artwork or gradients that cannot be easily changed without changing major elements or the look of your design, then printed patches may the right choice for you.

Limitation of Printed Patches

Like all products, our patches do have some limitations. As we are dye-sublimation printing onto a polyester fabric, the resolution of the print will not be as high as if it were on paper. As a result, text is generally limited to a minimum size of 2.5mm (font dependent).

However, when it comes to colour, the vividness and brightness of the of the sublimation process can be outstanding.

As sublimation printing turns a solid into a gas we can sometimes have issues with very fine lines or small text on dark coloured background. We can avoid these problems by increasing the weight of these lines or increasing the text size. However, this can only be achieved if your artwork is supplied in vector format. If you artwork is supplied in raster format and we believe that you may have problems during printing then we may request that you either supply the vector file or we may have to convert your artwork to vector format at an additional charge.

Patch Gradients

A gradient is where one colour blends into another. This is where custom printed patches really outperform an embroidered patch. Gradients are never an issue with printed patches. In fact, we can produce any gradient with generally greater vibrancy than other printing systems.

Minimum Order Quantities

As we are a direct printed patch manufacturer, we have in place the following minimum order values for all orders. All Australian orders, minimum order quantity of $50.00 AUD (Excluding shipping) All international orders, minimum order quantity of $200.00 AUD (Excluding shipping) For further information on our patch backings, applications, uses, materials and durability please see our learning centre.